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《Black White Photography 》黑白摄影杂志2018年8月刊pdf百度云下载-畅享学轩For months now I have been struggling to find a way to photograph the place my sister and I grew up in.
I love the place but all my efforts wereeither sentimental or rather dull.I knew I was attempting something that needed a new approach but I could not work out what that was.I'd also written some text to go with it, which I thought might help the process but in the end it seemed to put up even more barriers.
The reason I had attempted such a difficult task was that my sister was due to yisit. She lives in Australia and so her visits are not frequent.I planned that l should have the project completed and would give it(whatever that turned out to be-a book,a set of prints and texts, a boxed set-I'd been through all the possibilities and falled to come to a decision). The main problem was how to approach the pictures. Photographing the past, in the present, was beginning ta seem a rather ridiculous thing to have thought of doing.


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