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《Black White Photography 》黑白摄影杂志2018年5月刊pdf百度云下载-畅享学轩Journey back to the 1860s with Beryl Vosburgh's remarkable and unrivalled collection of many thousands of cartes de visite, gathered together over more than 40 years of collecting and trading. Carefully selected, they were sorted in numerous different ways using her expert and idiosyncratic eye, from Nice Hats' to "Why did they go to the photographers?"
Trained as an actress, Beryl's warm personality made Jubilec, her little shop in Camden Passage,a hub for everyone from enthusiasts to film stars to come and indulge their passion for vintage photographs and equipment. The sale will include a huge variety of vintage images, from Dagucrrcotypes to Angus McBean and Cecil Bcaton.


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