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《Black White Photography 》黑白摄影杂志2018年4月刊pdf百度云下载-畅享学轩

We are the only photographic print lab in the UK making genuine silver gelatin prints from digital files. We can provide you with a print on archival black and white pholographic paper; thatmeans no colour casts on your images, which you normally get when printing black and white images on a C-Type paper.
-Using ILFORD's Black & White silver gelatin photographic paper we offer Fibre based and Resin coated finishes
-One to one appointments and test prints available via our Bespoke Service
-You can print up to 6tx4ft
-Archival up to 70 vears
· Can be mounted, framed and sealed
-Neutral image tones, with strong blacks and subtle highlight detail


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