《Black White Photography 》黑白摄影杂志2018年2月刊pdf百度云下载


《Black White Photography 》黑白摄影杂志2018年2月刊pdf百度云下载

lack’s work is far from the straight documentary imagery Magnum is celebrated for, so seeing his innovative and medern approach alongside the more traditional pictures by Elott Erwitt demonstrates how the agency as well as the genre, has shifted over time.A former president of Magnum Photos, Erwitt is one of the most well-known black & white reportage photographers alive today and has created a significant portion of pictures that have defined
20th century history. Here we see a collection of his images only recently rediscovered. Printed much smaller than Black’s, the photographs are artfully propped between a workbench and a wall. This understated presentation adds to the set’s elegance.
Erwitt shot these images in Pittsburghin 1950after being commissioned by Roy Stryker, the FSA phote editor and man responsible for some of the most poignant images of America’s Great Depression.
Asked to capture the hope and optimism of the recently regenerated post-war city, Erwitt documented the spirit of Pitsburgh
-both in its poor and wealthy areas-
to portray a city changing for the better.
After four months documenting the city.
the phatographer was drafted into the army, and had to abandon the proiect.
The negatives were stored at the Pennsylvania Department of the Carnegie library of Pittsburgh and remained unseen for decades. This the first time the set has been exhibited.


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